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1. How can we generate an Email/SMS report?


Campaign reports are generated automatically based on the activities performed while executing the campaigns. It is viewable from the Statistics category, under the topic of Email/SMS. As seen in the figure below.

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2. Can we generate an automation campaign report?

The automation campaign report is generated automatically on the basis of the activity done while using the campaigns.

If you want to see the track report then you can go to the Statistics section of Automation and you can get the report according to the timeline.



3. What we will get inside the report?

In the automation campaign report, you can see the data according to different sections as given in the table in the below image.




4. Can we get reports daily, weekly, monthly?

Yes, we can track the report in the statistics section using the timelines Today, Last Week, and Last Month. Please see the attached image.

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5. What does an open mean in reports?

The percentage rate at which emails are opened is measured by the open rate, which is an email marketing metric.


6. What does bounce mean in the report?

The percentage of site visits that are single-page sessions, with the visitor leaving without reading a second page, is known as the bounce rate. It's most commonly used to gauge a website's overall engagement.


7. What does click mean in the report?

The percentage of persons who click on a link or image within an email is known as the email click rate.


8. Where can I see the statistics of my sent emails/SMS?

In the campaign category of Email, you can see the Overall Statistics Table and there are sections of All, Sent and Draft as shown below.

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9. How long I can check my statistic?

It can be viewed from the day that campaign was started till the present day. You can choose the timeline to get the statistics of a particular time interval.


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