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How to create a new automation from scratch in MailCampaign

Create a new automation

  1. Click "Automation" to navigate to the Automations overview page.
  2. Click “New” to create your Automation


  1. Add name and description then click on launch campaign builder.





Select a contact source



Select Contact Segment which you saved earlier


After selecting a contact segment you can automate your email flow by decisive action

For example, if Sales March (Contact segment) opens an email, your automation will send a Welcome Email to those contacts.

Similarly, we may easily establish an E-mail follow-up Automation.





Similarly, you can send SMS messages in response to the contact's actions.


After creating a Campaign builder you can click on Apply button.



You can see your Automation List below and publish it.

It’s best practice to send a welcome email to a new contact immediately after they opt into your list. Welcome emails tend to have some of the highest open and click-through rates, so this is a chance to get important messages in front of your contact and present important calls to action.


Note that only contacts that provide an email address can be sent emails.

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