Here's the services we offer to our clients to make it easy for them to join MailCampaign

Connect your wordpress page to mailcampaign.

We connect your Wordpress page with Mailcampaign and setup the triggers needed. Price per page.

$39 $80

Custom designed Email

We will design your custom email template, tailored to your Corporate Identity. Price per Template

$49 $90

Custom connection to your site/shop via API

Easily integrate Mailcampaign into any other shop, site or platform with our tailored custom API Service. Price per API-Connection and Use-Case.

$39 $75

Landingpage setup

Let us create a beautiful landingpage for you with full funnel connection, including up to 3 custom designed emails. Price per Landingpage.

$999 $1300

Package DFY Setup of your first funnel with custom designed email

This package contains the full funnel for your Wordpress website. We will connect or create the connection from your existing Landingpage to Mailcampaign. It includes up to 3 custom created Emails by us, and the automations needed, that should be bound to this Page. Price per page

$249 $350

Custom template creation based on PSD

We will design your custom Email template that is based on PSD in Mailcampaign. Price per Template

$35 $70

Migration of contacts

We will prepare CSV files for migration of your existing contacts to be uploaded to your WordPress site or MailCampaign panel. Price per 1000 contacts

$29 $50

Migration of templates

Migrate or Import existing Templates for Emails & SMS into MailCampaign. Price per Template

$25 $55

Migration of automation

Easily transfer your automations or create any desired automation with our help into MailCampaign. Price per Automation and tree level up to 10 steps

$49 $90

Marketing Campaign Social Media

Let us create for you a full marketing campaign on facebook including landingpages, emails, videos, ads, A/B test for 3 weeks with adjustement and the automation. Price per Package

$3990 $7500