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  • Email Marketing
  • Easy mail tracking
  • User friendly
  • Easy to integrate with our mail campaign wordpress plugin

Mailcampaign is specially designed to integrate with your website to reach your targeted audiance with emails & campaigns. User friendly with high level email tracking features makes it special. Create templates , segmentations and tags to automate your mail schedules. Make your campaign special with our toolset.


Which mail campaign version is right for you?



$0 / month

    1'000 Emails

    Unlimited Contacts

    5 Automations

E-mail Per Plan : 1000

Starter Plan

$5 / month

    Unlimited Contacts

    5'000 Emails

    10 Automations

E-mail Per Plan : 5000

Light Plan

$29 / month

    Unlimited Contacts

    50'000 Emails

    Unlimited Automations

E-mail Per Plan : 50000

Business Plan

$59 / month

    Unlimited Contacts

    200'000 Emails

    Unlimited Automations

E-mail Per Plan : 200000

Professional Plan

$119 / month

    Unlimited Contacts

    500'000 Emails

    Unlimited Automations

E-mail Per Plan : 500000



$0 / month

    This is a free plan

SMS Per Plan : 20


$20 / month

    5000 sms

SMS Per Plan : 5000


Free plan

$0 / month

    This is free plan
Bot Per Plan : 5

part of is a next gen business platform that is being developed by HTE. In this suite of business tools you will find all the right utilities for your business to expand. Mailcampaign is part of this toolbox that will be published in several phases.

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